When you enroll in the hybrid dual degree program you will graduate with two degrees - Masters in Theology and Doctor of Philosophy in Practical Ministry.

The Masters of Arts in Theology (Divinity) provides the foundation for advanced study and insight in the areas of Christian ethics and preaching.

Students are equipped to handle the text of scripture correctly and minister with wisdom and sensitivity in the local church and other Christian organizations.

The PhD in Practical Ministry equips students for teaching ministries in churches, seminaries, Bible institutes and other ministry settings. This graduate program offers several concentrations, each with a unique curriculum.

Careers include Seminary, Pastor, Church history, Youth Ministry, Church operations and Theology.

What you'll learn

  1. Theological Design for Transformative Ministry.
  2. Skills and knowledge needed to effectively serve in parishes, dioceses or other ministerial settings.
  3. Prepares students to increase competence and understanding in the Word of God by utilizing basic methods of biblical interpretation.
  4. Understand Church doctrine
  5. Practical methods on Bible lesson preparation.
  6. Enable students to integrate biblical and theological understanding with practical ministry strategies.
  7. Church history and renewal.
  8. Theological interpretations of the Bible.
  9. How to research and write for religious disciplines
  10. Examine the broad range of issues involved in interpreting the Bible.
  11. Intercultural communication and engagement
  12. Provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the contents of the Bible.
  13. Life of Jesus Christ in Historical Context.
  14. Methodical study of Scripture
  15. Messianic Jewish Theology
  16. Old and New Testament backgrounds

This course is closed for enrollment.

Admission Process

To Enroll and for more information about the Hybrid Dual Degree please contact us via Email [email protected]